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Fruit Brandy

    Fruit brandy is made by carefully fermenting a batch of crushed fruit, then distilling the resulting cider on a pot-still. Using craft methods of distillation captures the rich complexity of the fruit itself. Unaged fruit brandies are also called by the French term eau-de-vie, “water of life.”


GERMAIN-ROBIN Apple Brandy.  A real delight: clean, pure, wonderful and complex combination of delicacy and great flavor. Depth, unusual length (Germain-Robin's hallmark), and lots of life, without the dead/rough quality found in most French Calvados.


750 ML / 40% abv               $65.00

GERMAIN-ROBIN Apple Brandy XO.  Germain-Robin has released small bottlings of apple brandy since 1998. From the early distillations, here's a singlebarrel of older apple, very complex, with none of the heaviness that so often deadens French Calvados.


750 ml / 40.2% abv               $95.00


    Fruit-based liqueurs are made by adding brandy to a juice, to a maceration, or to a wine made from fruit. This “fortification” to roughly 20% alcohol preserves the rich taste of the liqueur's fruit. Good liqueurs capture fruit’s wonderful lusciousness without being saccharine. /


CRISPIN'S Rose Liqueur.  Crispin Cain has captured the complex fragrance from 17 cultivars of heirloom roses. Freshly picked petals are infused in a mead hand-distilled from apples and honey on the antique Germain-Robin cognac still. The liqueur is pressed through a gold screen: the residue on the bottom of the bottle is rose petal dust!

Here’s a review of Crispin’s Rose Liqueur from Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal:

“Black pekoe tea/rose-gold/tawny color; superb purity. In an unbelievable display of authenticity, the bouquet smells of a room filled with roses at their peak bloom and by this I don’t mean faux rose fragrance but the real thing; aeration rounds off the rose petal intensity, which allows for the beguiling pollen-like sweetness to emerge; one of the most unforgettable bouquets I’ve had in two decades of professional beverage alcohol criticism. Palate entry is delicate, concentrated, flowery, and sweetly rosy; midpalate stays the course, offering layer after layer of gentle stately rose taste. Ends moderately sweet, with a slight metal-like edge. Wow.”
Five Stars / Highest recommendation.


375 ml / 25.4% abv               $85.00

BRIOTTET Crème de pêche liqueur.  Striking peach liqueur created from tiny semi-wild white peaches planted between vineyard rows to distract harmful insects. The richest peach you will ever experience. A French producer, in business since 1837.


750 ml / 18% abv               $38.00

GERMAIN-ROBIN Pear de Pear.  New Release. Fabulous liqueur based on pear brandies. Rich and creamy, with beautiful pear aromas and mouth-filling flavor. Long gentle aftertaste.


375 ml / 25.3% abv               $24.00




GERMAIN-ROBIN Absinthe Superiure.  Former Germain-Robin apprentice Crispin Cain hand-distills apple-honey brandy using the antique Germain-Robin cognac still, infusing it with wormwood, rose geranium, lemon balm, fennel, hyssop, lemon verbena, star anise, and lemon peel. This transparent absinthe is subtle, complex, absolutely beautiful. Scarce.


375 ml / 45.15% abv               $50.00


    Our grappas are not those horrors people make in their back rooms. Good grappas are intense, but they’re also beautifully flavored.


GERMAIN-ROBIN Grappa of Zinfandel.  Released September, 2004, 41.4% alcohol.

We are happy to be back in stock of the favorite Germain-Robin grappa (they skip years when the grapes aren't good enough). This bottling was distilled in 2003. There's spicy fruit and a remarkably clean structure. An earlier version won a Gold medal at Monterey.


375 ml / 41.4% abv               $55.00

GERMAIN-ROBIN Grappa of Syrah/Zinfandel.  Fortuitous blend of two favorite varietals: lush fruit, precise Zin structure, deep Syrah presence.


375 ml / 43% abv               $55.00

GERMAIN-ROBIN Grappa of Gewurztraminer.  Lovely Gewurztraminer floral delicacy: ever so soft.


375 ml / 42.4% abv               $55.00

AQUA PERFECTA Zinfandel grappa.  Flowery & light, remarkably clean: distiller Jorg Rupf gets fresh pomace from noted Zin producer (& neighbor) Rosenblum Cellars. Complex and very true to the varietal.


375 ml / 40% abv               $40.00

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